Elliott Engen was born and raised in White Bear Lake. He attended White Bear Lake Area schools and participated in athletics, community volunteering, and student council. After graduating, he began his higher education at Hamline University, studying legal studies and political science where he continued to be extremely involved in the political sphere. As President of  Hamline University Turning Point USA, a member of Athletes in Action, and a devoted member of the baseball team, he demonstrated how hard work and ambition can spark change.

Engen recognizes that politics flows downstream of culture, and that the GOP must start talking and appealing to younger voters to ensure pro-American values are carried into the next generation. Community involvement, speaking to students, and connecting to the community are must-do's for Engen to help preserve the American values that have made our district, state, and nation prosperous. 

Engen hopes to bring transparency, accountability, and cooperation back to our state's capital. Join him in doing so. 


Elliott Engen

His Vision

For decades, politicians have promised voters "Major Change" with nothing to show for it. Even during a year which included a budget surplus of 1.3 billion dollars, taxes continue to increase, and regulations on businesses continue to stifle economic growth. With these key issues in mind, Elliott Engen looks to take to the Minnesota capitol, policies that will finally put constituents first. 

Tax dollars should be used for the improvement of our public schools, infrastructure, and programs that Minnesotans use and love every day. Where taxes should NOT go: baseless government programs that are sure to waste, restrain, and over-regulate.

Through transparency, honesty, and integrity, Engen will ensure that the residents of district 38B are represented in our state's Legislature. 

It is time Minnesota Works For You. 

It is high time that elected officials WORK for the voters, not the other way around. 

Elliott Engen

Issue 01.

Tax Cuts

According to taxfoundation.org, Minnesota has the fourth highest top marginal income tax rate as well as the third highest corporate income tax rate. Minnesota has a 1.3 billion-dollar budget surplus, yet many in the legislature continue to push for more government spending.  

Elliott Engen will fully support policies that slash unnecessary taxation and ensure that every dollar taxed goes towards programs that Minnesotans actually use and appreciate. 

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