Focused on the Issues That Matter to You

Public Safety

Every Minnesotan deserves to go to bed at night knowing that they and their family are safe. Engen stands with our first responders, who work every day to maintain public safety.


With statewide increases in violent and non-violent crime, the time to act is now.

Defunding the police is NOT the answer. Engen will stand up to dangerous and irresponsible policies that aim to dismantle or defund our first responders. 


Providing police officers with the proper equipment and training is an essential tool in building a trusted relationship between officers and the communities they serve.



Excellence In Education

Parents should be heard, respected, and have a say in their child's education.


Teachers deserve fair pay and thanks for their dedication.


Students should be receiving a world-class education. 


With record-lows in reading and math proficiency, it is high time we equip our students with the knowledge needed to pursue goals, social interaction required to improve mental health, and the opportunity to learn in the classroom with friends and peers


As an alumnus of White Bear Lake Area Schools, Engen recognizes every student's unique and distinct learning style and aims to foster education that fits their need.

While a 4-year collegiate degree may be the appropriate route for many, it should not be the only route available. Engen looks to promote vocational training and apprenticeship programs that give students a hands-on learning experience in their field of interest.

To this day, Engen is thankful for the dedicated teachers, coaches, counselors, and friends he made while attending White Bear Lake Public Schools. He believes every student should have the opportunity to say the same, and every school in our community has the resources to do so.            


Economic Responsibility

Our state government has a duty to ensure your hard-earned tax dollars are treated with respect. Engen believes tax dollars should only be used in programs free of waste, fraud, or abuse.


For too long, the state has been shirking on this responsibility.  


The state government has a 7.7 billion-dollar budget surplus but continues to demand more from Minnesotans who are facing record inflation and cost of living increases. While many Minnesotans are struggling to pay their bills, the state seems to be turning a blind eye.   


Our community deserves leadership that demands transparency out of our government agencies and allows you to spend more of your money where you see fit. Engen will work to do so.        

Improving Healthcare

Tackling the issue of costly healthcare is a must.

When Engen's brother was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, he saw first-hand the emotional, physical, and economic toll it can have on a family. 


 Crafting a system that provides safety nets for those in need while maintaining our free-market structure will help tackle this issue compassionately and responsibly.


Price transparency, increased telehealth access, and promoting a Direct Primary Care model will allow Minnesotans to have more control of their healthcare needs while simultaneously lowering costs.


Engen recognizes our healthcare system's complexity and wants to connect with you to answer your questions. To do so, click the 'Contact' tab at the top of the page.     

Small Business Growth

 Our district is home to innovative, hard-working businesses that give our community a unique charm and appeal.


COVID had a devastating effect on many of our local businesses, as many continue to struggle to make ends meet. Our entrepreneurs and business owners deserve a representative in St. Paul who listens, communicates, and acts. Engen will do just that. 

Eliminating costly, ineffective, overreaching mandates is a must. Engen will stand by our local businesses in their need to return to operation without constant burden from the state government. Our main-street enterprises have always been there for us, and it is time they are allowed to flourish without the heavy hand of overbearing regulations and record tax increases.


According to Tax, Minnesota ranks 46th out of our 50 states in the Business Tax Climate Index, a measure that determines how a state's tax code allows for simplicity, competition, and effectiveness. Minnesota was once an economic hub for entrepreneurship. It's time we pride ourselves on being so once again.


Engen has made friendships with many of our local small business owners and repeatedly hears that our state hinders profitability and drives them to look elsewhere. He believes now is the time to course-correct and get main street back on track.