Focused on the Issues That Matter to You

Fiscal Responsibility

Economic growth flees where it sees uncertainty. In 2019 and 2020, Minnesota saw that economic insecurity through constant fluctuations in budget surplus and deficits. With many businesses and families struggling financially, Engen will work to help them keep more of their hard-earned money while responsibly budgeting for the programs that Minnesotans trust and want. Adequate funding for schools, public safety, and infrastructure is essential in fostering a thriving Minnesota while eliminating waste and fraud in state agencies is a must.  


As an alumnus of White Bear Lake, Engen recognizes how integral education is. Engen is determined to help future generations receive the best education possible by fostering pathways that consider every student's unique and distinct learning styles. Creating opportunities for students through public-private partnerships is atop Engen's to-do list and will ensure students are ready to flourish in whatever occupation they aspire to. Funding our schools and thanking our teachers accordingly is a must for Engen.       

Small Business Growth

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it is high time to allow our local businesses to thrive again. Our district is the prime example of one that relies on local businesses, and allowing them to grow is sorely needed. Engen has spoken at length with business owners and leaders and has recognized that an overbearing tax rate coupled with costly regulation is hurting, not helping them. Engen will remove these barriers and create an environment that encourages entrepreneurial spirit rather than pushing it away.       


Tackling the issue of costly healthcare is a passion of Engen's. Crafting a system that provides safety nets for those in need while maintaining our free-market structure will help tackle this issue compassionately and responsibly. Increased telehealth access and implementing a Direct Primary Care model will allow Minnesotans to have more control of their healthcare needs while simultaneously lowering costs. Engen recognizes our healthcare system's complexity and wants to connect with you to answer your questions. He invites you to email him at"> to set up a time to talk about these key issues.     

Community Safety

Every Minnesotan deserves to go to bed at night knowing that they and their family are safe. With statewide increases in violent and non-violent crime, the time to act is now. Assisting our local and statewide police officers with the proper equipment and training is essential in creating a trusted relationship between those who serve and protect and the community. Engen is an advocate of scenario-driven training, which will give officers the unique ability to train in a means that prepares them to respond to any call, including mental health crises, non-violent and violent crime alike, and any other issue that Minnesotans face. Defunding the police is NOT the answer. Improving our departments and standing with the selfless men and women who work in law enforcement is essential in improving safety throughout Minnesota.