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Tax Cuts

Economic growth flees where it sees uncertainty. Earlier this year, Minnesota saw a 1.7 billion-dollar budget surplus turn quickly to a 4.7 billion-dollar budget deficit. It is time we allow tax-payers to retain more of the money they work hard to earn while also properly funding the services that Minnesotans trust, use, and want. Our public schools, state infrastructure, and our amazing men and women in the law enforcement community are three prime examples of tax dollars being put to good use. Engen will stand for these while ensuring that fraud and abuse does not happen under his watch.


An educated district is one that is sure to thrive. By improving the working conditions and salaries for teachers and bringing statewide competitive innovation of best practice, we can restore and improve the standard of our public education system.  Elliott Engen is dedicated to helping grow the next generation of workers and leaders. Minnesota is rich in a vast array of business types and it is important we make the proper technology and course content available to each student to help them choose the career path that works best for them. As a White Bear Lake alumni, Engen recognizes how integral our school system is in the district and is determined to help future generations receive the best education possible.  

Small Business Growth

Our district is the prime example of cities that rely on small businesses. The shops and services that line the streets make our district the perfect place to start a business, yet over-regulation and staggering tax rates make it nearly impossible to thrive. It is time we have a representative that votes against the policies that cripple our businesses' ability to grow.


Engen will work diligently to ensure small businesses are able to keep more of the profits they work hard for.


Minnesotans deserve quality healthcare while at the same time maintaining our free market system. Engen will fight to ensure socialized healthcare does not come to MN. Engen is an advocate for the Direct Primary Care model which improves doctor-patient relations while also eliminating the need for costly insurance plans. In a state with so many amazing healthcare facilities and innovations, it is time that regulation and complicated processes do not make it hard for Minnesotans to get the care they need. Increasing preventative care methods and tele-health are must-do's for Engen.

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