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Many families across the state are struggling to pay the bills. With 42-year-high inflation rates, rising prices for food and gas, and lack of economic mobility out of our state labor force, It's time we allow Minnesotans to grow their savings accounts instead of the state government's.


With a record 17.5 Billion-Dollar State Surplus, it's time to deliver Family-Focused Tax Relief, allow Main Street to succeed, and get our Economy on the right track.  


Engen's Tax-Relief Record


-Chief-Authored the bill to officially, fully repeal state taxes collected on Social Security benefits for our seniors. (HF199)

-Chief-Author of the Family-Focused Tax Relief Act, which would eliminate sales taxes on Infant Care Items such as cribs, strollers, car-seats, bottles, and more.(HF2125)  


Chief-Authored the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday to save families money on necessary school supplies for students. The tax holiday would be in effect annually from August first through Labor Day. (HF2719

-Chief-Author of the State Retirement Plan Protection Act to ensure the state board of pensions prioritizes the financial interests of shareholders, increasing retiree-savings. (HF3322)



Minnesota is facing the largest crime wave in our state's history, yet the DFL continues to play politics with public safety. Engen will stand against radical calls to "Defund Police" by ensuring the men and women of law enforcement have the resources, tools, and training they need to keep our communities safe.


Engen's Public Safety Record 

-End the revolving-door of crime by ensuring all violent offenders are held accountable for their actions.(HF228)

-Authored and Passed a bill to address the Fentanyl Epidemic- the deadly drug that left over 2,000 Minnesota families without a loved one in 2021.(HF615)  

-Authored and Passed a bill that creates a carjacking dashboard, bringing transparency to the carjacking epidemic occurring in the metro-area.(HF281)   

-Chief-Author the bill that requires prosecution of felons who illegally possess firearms, ending the soft-of-crime policies that have resulted in record violence in our state.(HF2663)




Minnesotans deserve a world-class education system that prepares our next generation for success. It is high time we equip our students with the knowledge needed to pursue goals, the social interaction required to improve mental health, and the opportunities needed to thrive, and properly thank our dedicated Teachers and School Staff who make this a reality.  

Engen believes this starts by ensuring Parents are kept informed and valued in their child's educational needs, Teachers are adequately compensated for their amazing work, and Students are the priority in all things education. 



Engen's Education Record  

-Chief-Authored the Nation's largest School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill, equipping schools with the most comprehensive safety measures to keep Students, Teachers, and Staff safe.

(SHIELD Act: Safe Haven in Every Local District, HF2538)  

-Chief-Authored and Passed the Student Mental Health Hotline Accessibility Act, ensuring every student has a place to turn in a crisis.


           -Authored the teacher's pension and retirement plan to adequately thank our dedicated teachers and allow them to retire with security. (HF3294, HF2222) 

-Authored the bill to fund the Special Education Cross-Subsidy fully, helping every  Minnesota child with a disability have the resources they need to succeed in school.



Improving Healthcare

 After watching his brother navigate Type 1 Diabetes and his mom battle breast cancer, he felt that the chaos, confusion, and high costs needed to be addressed.   

The complexities of our healthcare system are currently leaving families without affordable, accessible, or quality care. Engen believes that our current system deals in "sick care"- not true healthcare.  


Crafting a system that provides safety nets for those in need while maintaining our free-market structure will help tackle this issue compassionately and responsibly.

Price transparency, increased telehealth access, and promoting a Direct Primary Care model will allow Minnesotans to have more control of their healthcare needs while simultaneously lowering costs.

That's why Engen Chief-Authored and introduced the MN Direct Primary Care Act- which will ensure primary care access is structured similarly to a cellphone bill. In this model, a family of four has the ability to pay $75 per-month and receive access to their primary care physician without any extra incurred costs.

Competition in the marketplace and patient choice evens the playing field and makes sure you are in charge of your healthcare. Not insurance companies. Not politicians. You. 


Read More About the Bill Here. 



Small Business Growth

 Our district is home to innovative, hard-working businesses that give our community a unique charm and appeal. Our entrepreneurs and business owners deserve a representative in St. Paul who listens, communicates, and acts. Engen will do just that. 

Eliminating costly, ineffective, overreaching mandates is a must. Engen will stand by our local businesses in their need to return to operation without constant burden from the state government. Our main-street enterprises have always been there for us, and it is time they are allowed to flourish without the heavy hand of overbearing regulations and record tax increases.


According to Tax, Minnesota ranks 46th out of all 50 states in the Business Tax Climate Index, a measure that determines how a state's tax code allows for simplicity, competition, and effectiveness. Minnesota was once an economic hub for entrepreneurship. It's time we pride ourselves on being so once again.


Engen has made friendships with many of our local small business owners and repeatedly hears that our state hinders profitability and incentivizes operating elsewhere in the nation. He believes now is the time to course-correct and get main street back on track.



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