About Elliott Engen

Elliott and Faith Engen

Elliott Engen was born and raised in White Bear Lake. He attended White Bear Lake Area schools where he met his wife, Faith Engen. Engen participated in athletics, Christian organizations, and extensive community volunteer work. After graduating, he began his higher education at Hamline University, studying legal studies and political science where he continued leadership roles. Engen started a group that discussed policy and invited individuals of all political ideologies to participate in discussions, knowing that while we differ, we have much in common.

Engen recognizes that politics flow downstream of culture and that the lack of cooperation amongst left and right has been promoted by many elected officials. It is time we are solution-oriented and looking to do big things, not be big things.

Engen's fresh-perspective and impassioned pursuit of solutions would help St. Paul get back to a point of working for the people rather than working for themselves.


Elliott Engen works in the legal field and has extensive experience in many job sectors while his wife, Faith, is a local small business owner.  


  Engen hopes to bring transparency, accountability, and cooperation back to our state's capital. Join him in doing so.