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About Elliott Engen

Elliott and Faith Engen

Elliott Engen was born and raised in White Bear Lake. He attended White Bear Lake Area schools where he would meet his wife, Faith.


While at White Bear High, Engen was a student-athlete, participated in student-led Christian organizations, and led extensive volunteer work in and out of school.


Engen then attended Hamline University, earning a B.A. in Legal Studies and Political Science.  At Hamline University, Engen was a member of the collegiate baseball team, earning awards for success on the field and in the classroom. When he wasn't on the baseball diamond, Engen led a group that discussed public policy. There, he invited individuals of all political ideologies to participate in the discussion- knowing that while we differ, we all should have the ability to speak on our beliefs and challenge ideas with civility.  

Engen recognizes that politics flow downstream of culture, and for too long politicians have resorted to simplistic character attacks rather than aiming for solutions.  It's time our community is represented by a public servant- not a typical politician.  

Elliott Engen has experience in manufacturing, the legal field, and currently works in Invasive Species Prevention for a non-profit environmental organization. His wife, Faith Engen, is a local small business owner.

 Engen hopes to bring transparency, accountability, and cooperation back to our state's capital. Join him in doing so. 

Elliott Engen is the Endorsed Republican Candidate To Represent District 36A In the Minnesota House 

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