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News in Our Community

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Commonsense Candidate

The results are more violence, not less. Just observe recent crime in the Twin Cities: the revolving door in Hennepin and Ramsey counties has put criminals back on the street, released without bail or given probation when they should be in prison. Predictably, they’re committing more violent crimes. 

Sadly, Democrats in the Minnesota House have played politics with public safety. One year ago, they voiced support or stood silent as Minneapolis voted to dismantle the police department in spite of a record crime wave. In the legislative session, their ideas for reducing crime included $55 million in grants to nonprofits and hiring “violence interrupters” to help keep peace. How about stiffer penalties for carjacking? Rejected.    

For my money, Elliott Engen is the only commonsense candidate.  

Hope to change politics 

In today’s political climate, we are inundated with fear-mongering news stories, phony outrage, and are told to accept this is “politics as usual.” 

I hope to change that.  

My name is Elliott Engen and I recently had the privilege of earning the GOP endorsement to run in District 36A for the Minnesota House which includes Lino Lakes, Circle Pines, Centerville, North Oaks, and White Bear Township. I am a son, brother, husband, and sixth generation Minnesotan who never intended to run for office but was compelled to do so to change “politics as usual” and restore true public service. 

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