News in Our Community

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Fresh perspective running for local seat

In our current climate of unprecedented events, we need unification now more than ever. I believe that this starts at a local level, and there is no better person to bring together our incredible residents than Elliott Engen, who is running for state representative, District 38B.

Elliott’s integrity runs deep, and he shows it over and over again with his volunteerism, his activism, and his devotion to pushing for change for the betterment of the community that he cares for so passionately.

COVID-19 forces 2020 candidates to retool their campaigns

Elliott Engen, a Republican running for the state House, said his campaign discussions with small business owners around White Bear Lake focus on making sure people know about state and federal aid programs and where to find resources online.

“We’re not handing out literature. We’re handing out business cards and saying, ‘Call this number if you have a question,’ ” Engen said. “We’re really thinking, how can we put out a positive message. And when this is all said and done, we will be here for them.”

Violence, name-calling shuts down peaceful community event

The current legislator who represents us released a comment that a certain person’s “vulgar language” was something that should have been, and I guess was, apologized for. Not that blameless people in Hugo who were just living their lives in their neighborhood got called evil names, were terrorized, children and teenage girls got called white bxxxx,  chants and threats of “Fxxx you, Hugo, Minnesota” was proudly shouted and there were threats of burning down the City of Hugo. There were pinata effigies made to look like targeted people, designed and used to try to beat these people’s effigies in violence. Our event was meant to take some of the hate out of our community. 

Must build public trust

Recent conversations with Elliott Engen (he’s my neighbor) have highlighted again the need for statecraft, reasoned, and reasonable dialogue surrounding the issues, questions, and needs of both the people and their government. If all are (as John Lewis preached and lived) made in the image of God, then each should be addressed with the utmost respect, not with reductionist labels, epithets, and threats. If we are indeed all in this together, then we are as citizens, not as partisans.

Mr. Engen did not merely assent intellectually but committed himself to a campaign that seeks to build, strengthen, and maintain public trust. May we all be in that together as well.