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Recent News- Rep. Engen

Engen's School Safety Bill Featured on KSTP, KARE 11 News

“My number one priority is the safety of our students and staff,” said Engen. “Students, parents, and teachers should not have to wonder if their school is equipped and prepared for any given emergency situation. The SHIELD Act will make Minnesota a national leader in school safety, and allow our districts to teach and learn without worry.”

Under Engen’s proposed legislation, resources are made available to school districts for the installment of infrastructure that alerts, detects, and deters threats on school grounds.Using Emergency Alert Systems within classrooms, completely hidden ballistic shielding panels and window films, magnetic door-locking systems, and central communication systems, First Responders can know the live location and movements of any active threat within a building, leading to faster law enforcement response times and lockdown activation.  

Engen continued, “This bill cuts through political noise and offers solutions to assure the safety of all students and teachers. I hope we can act to get this done.”

MPR News Profiles Rep. Elliott Engen, First Gen-Z Republican 

Via MPR: "Engen is one of two Generation Z lawmakers stepping into the Minnesota Legislature this year. Engen is a Republican while the other, state Sen. Zaynab Mohamed, is a DFLer, making each the only legislator of their generation in their respective political parties in the state. Already, these young politicians are poised to shape the course of their parties."


Engen's Letter to the Editor, Press Pub.

In today’s political climate, we are inundated with fear-mongering news stories, phony outrage, and are told to accept this is “politics as usual.” 

I hope to change that.  

My name is Elliott Engen and I recently had the privilege of earning the GOP endorsement to run in District 36A for the Minnesota House which includes Lino Lakes, Circle Pines, Centerville, North Oaks, and White Bear Township. I am a son, brother, husband, and sixth generation Minnesotan who never intended to run for office but was compelled to do so to change “politics as usual” and restore true public service. 

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